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Information about Covid-19

Dear guests and friends,

In these uncertain times, we want to convey that we are open and that we are doing everything we can to make you feel our care and love. Hygiene has always been our top priority and we are now further strengthening our procedures to create a safe, secure and healthy environment for our wonderful guests and our fantastic staff.

Champagne Bar

The following steps have been taken to minimize the risk of

the spreading Covid-19 and to provide as much protection as


The management has taken all measures to ensure that the staff on-site are completely healthy. Anyone with the slightest symptoms is instructed to stay at home, and no one should feel pressure to attend their shift. The staff are trained to carry out their work under the safety routines that follow WHO’s interim guidance for hotels and are being kept up to date with any changes as they occur. We are here for both guests and staff, and have therefore not dismissed our employees.

On arrival & departure

To reduce the spread of Covid-19, we work over the reception counter with a comfortable distance and the room receipt is emailed to the guest instead of handed to them at check-out. At the reception and throughout all common areas, we have ensured that hand sanitizers are available and we urge all our guests to keep social distance by, for example, going one party at a time in the elevators. Extra cleaning is also done continuously in all public areas of the hotel, day and night.

Are you worried about your transportation to and from the hotel? Email our concierge@hotelkungstradgarden.se and they will help you arrange a safe and secure transport.

During the stay

We have daily cleaning of all our rooms as usual but have further enhanced the cleaning routines by, for example, disinfecting surfaces on all the areas of the room. The same applies to all public areas in the hotel such as floors, door handles and elevator buttons, etc. The gym can be booked for private use and is also cleaned more frequently, with the flooring being regularly disinfected.

Brasserie Makalös

We ensure that congestion between guests in queues, tables and buffets is not created and the breakfast has been adapted to the guidelines of the Public Health Authority. We take orders for cooked breakfast meals should the guests request this. Guests are also placed scattered in the restaurant where at least one table stands empty between each party. After each seating, tables, chairs and the card terminal are cleaned with surface disinfectant and guests are encouraged to use the hand sanitizer that is available in the restaurant. For those who wish to have their meal in the comfort of their own room, we offer room service free of delivery charge, and for those who prefer to take their food on the go, we offer take away.

We miss you and look forward to enhancing your day if only a little. With us you can be assured to feel safe and secure. All the love from us at Hotel Kungsträdgården & Brasserie Makalös

Jörgen Björnstad, General Manager & Owner



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